Site Information
Site Name Elevation (feet) Latitude Longitude HUC Basin
Atigun Pass 4800 68 07.81 149 28.53 19040301 Central Yukon
Date Record Begins Cooperators and Sponsors
October 1, 1981 BLM, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab (CRREL), AKDOT&PF assists with readings and maintenance (R+M)

Parameter Sensor Model Physical Description and Orientation
Air Temperature YSI 44018 (-22 -- 122 deg F) Fahrenheit temperature - hourly average. Height 9' 9".
Snow Depth Transducer Mounted of Met tower at 8' 8".
Soil Parameters Vitel Hydra II Soil Probes (3) Probes at 2", 8", and 20".
Solar Radiation Li-Cor Pyranometer LI200X Mounted on Met tower at 8' 7".
Storage Precipitation Transducer 7' rocket type storage precipitation gauge with Wyoming Shield.
Wind Direction RM Young Wind Monitor Sensor height 24'.
Wind Speed RM Young Wind Monitor Sensor height 24'.

Data Collection
Data Collection Platform Data Collection Program Sensor Update Rate
CR1000 1031.02 10 Seconds