Site Information
Site Name Elevation (feet) Latitude Longitude HUC Basin
Kelly Station 300' 67 55.78 162 17.41 19050403

Kotzebue-Norton Sound

Date Record Begins Cooperators and Sponsors

1993-1995; Skips to August 2010

National Park Service

Parameter Sensor Model Physical Description and Orientation

Air Temperature

YSI 44211 (-67 -- 185 deg F)

Mounted on Met tower at 10'6".

Snow Depth

Judd Snow Depth Sensor

Mounted on Met tower above snow pillow at 8'.

Snow Water Transducer 6' Hypalon, has bear protection.
Solar Radiation

Li-Cor Pyranometer LI200X

Mounted on Met tower at 10'.

Soil Moisture/Temperature

Vitel Hydra II Soil Probe

Probes at 2", 8", 20".

Storage Precipitation


12' rocket type precipitation gauge with Alter shield.

Tipping Bucket Precip

Texas Electronics TR-525USW-R2

8" gauge mounted on Met tower at 11'.

Data Collection
Data Collection Platform Data Collection Program Sensor Update Rate
CR1000 1031.02 5 Minutes