Site Information
Site Name Elevation (feet) Latitude Longitude HUC Basin
Munson Ridge 3100 64 51.21 146 12.42 19040506 Tanana
Date Record Begins Cooperators and Sponsors
October 1, 1980 Alaska District Army Corps of Engineers (COE); the COE pays for the readings and assists with maintenance.

Parameter Sensor Model Physical Description and Orientation
Snow Water Snow Shaft Encoder 3 stainless steel snow pillows.
Storage Precipitation Transducer 12' rocket type storage precipitation gauge with alter shield.
Air Temperature YSI44018 (-22 -- 122 deg F) Mounted on antenna tower.
Soil Temperature YSI Sensor mounted at soil surface.
Tipping Bucket   Alter shielded mounted on 4" x 4".

Data Collection
Data Collection Platform Data Collection Program Sensor Update Rate
MCC550A P550A-010-00 30 Seconds