Site Information
Site Name Elevation (feet) Latitude Longitude HUC Basin
Port Graham 300 59 20.80 151 50.50 19020301

Port Graham

Date Record Begins Cooperators and Sponsors

October 1, 2000

Chugach Miut Native Corporation; Chugach Miut assists with readings and maintenance.

Mounted on Met tower at 30'.
Parameter Sensor Model Physical Description and Orientation

Air Temperature

HMP45C (-40 -- 140 deg F)

Mounted on Met tower at 12'6.

Barometric Pressure


In Nema box

Fuel Moisture


Under forest canopy 100ft SW of shelter.

Relative Humidity

HMP45C (0-100%)

Mounted on Met tower at 12';6".

Reservoir Level


At reservoir dam 1000 ft SW of shelter.

Snow Depth

Judd Snow Depth Sensor

Mounted on Met tower above snow pillow at 7

Snow Water Transducer 6' Hypalon snow pillow.
Soil Moisture/Temperature

Vitel Hydra Soil II Probes

Probes at 2", 8"; and 20".

Solar Radiation

Li-Cor Pyranometer LI200X

Mounted on Met tower at116.

Wind Speed/Direction

RM Young 05103

Mounted on Met tower at 30'.

Data Collection
Data Collection Platform Data Collection Program Sensor Update Rate


10 Seconds