Site Information
Site Name Elevation (feet) Latitude Longitude HUC Basin
Upper Tsaina River 1750 61 11.467 145 38.884 19020102

Upper Tsaina River

Date Record Begins Cooperators and Sponsors

October 1, 2003

AKDOT & PF and Alyeska Pipeline Company; AKDOT & PF assists with readings and maintenance.

Parameter Sensor Model Physical Description and Orientation

Air Temperature

HMP45C (-40 -- 140 deg F)

Mounted on Met tower at 11'.

Relative Humidity

HMP45C (0-100%)

Mounted on Met tower at 11'.

Soil Moisture/Temperature

Vitel Hydra Soil II Probes

Probes at 2, 8 and 20

Snow Depth

Judd Snow Depth Sensor

Located above the pillow at 140".

Snow Water Transducer 6' Hypalon snow pillow with Bear Protection.
Solar Radiation

Li-Cor Pyranometer LI200X

Mounted on Met tower at 11'.

Storage Precipitation


10' rocket type storage precipitation gauge.

Data Collection
Data Collection Platform Data Collection Program Sensor Update Rate
CR1000 1031.02 5 Minutes